April 11, 2016

Artist who staged Yeezy Season 3 (not Kanye) moves on to Tod’s

Vanessa Beecroft’s partnership with the Italian leather brand is a sensuous tribute to Italian craftsmanship


Vanessa Beecroft’s VB Handmade was presented at the PAC Museum in Milan.

Italian conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft has unveiled her latest work, a collaboration with the Italian leather brand Tod’s, at Milan’s PAC Museum. In line with Beecroft’s earlier work, most of them bearing the artist’s initials in the title, the piece is called VB Handmade.

The performance piece features several models, including Karlie Kloss, reclined and standing over a craftsman’s wooden bench as four artisans envelope their bodies in a second skin of leather. All the while audience members flock the crammed space to take photos and videos of the models. It’s a sensual tribute to the elements of Tod’s success and the great know-how of Italian craftsmanship, and a callback to Beecroft’s signature across many of her earlier works: a provocative encounter between a group of female models and an audience, in which the viewer is expected to interact with the art somehow.


Backstage, Beecroft coordinated with a team of leather craftsmen and artisans to clothe the models in their second skin of leather.

Tod’s is the latest addition in the list of household names with whom Beecroft has collaborated. Her most famous partnership is arguably that with hip hop titan Kanye West. Since 2008, Beecroft has been responsible for the art direction of many of West’s multimedia projects, ranging from the 35-minute music video for “Runaway” to the performances that marked the launch of each of West’s Yeezy fashion lines. Her sculptural work even made an appearance at West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014.

In the Philippines, Tod’s is located at Greenbelt 4 and Rustan’s Shangri-La. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

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