Animal Trophies for the Modern Home

Off with their heads — or not.

by Mags Ocampo

Off with their heads — or not



STAG HEAD TROPHY Wall Sign / Tes-Ted X Hu2 Design. €158.33. Photo from Tes-Ted website.

If you’ve always wanted to hang animals on your wall but feel like taxidermy is just a tad bit too grotesque, you’ll be pleased to hear that Tes-Ted has teamed up with Hu2 Design to create a perfectly cool alternative.

Instead of preserved carcasses, you can now hang laser-cut wood sculptures of elephants, lions, bulls, and deer. The sculptures come in bold outlines for a more modern take. Each piece is hand-finished with protective natural oil and is part of a larger collection called ‘Respectful Animal Trophy.’ The said collection’s main goal is to bring wildlife and nature harmlessly and sustainably into people’s homes. On Tes-Ted’s website, they even quote Da Vinci, “he who does not respect life does not deserve it.”

A portion of the proceeds that the two studios receive from this project will go to the Born Free Foundation, a UK-based animal charity.


Pieces from the ‘Respectful Animal Trophy’ collection can be ordered directly through the Tes-Ted website.