September 1, 2015

A Flask For All Seasons

Words by Rogue

Hennessey releases its 2015 edition of stylish cognac flask sleeves for their most fashionable and loyal customers



Every year since 2008, Hennessy has been releasing limited edition cognac flasks collectively called the Very Special Flask, which presents classic Hennessy cognac in a special silicone sleeve, making it eye-catching, striking, and sophisticated. Each year, Hennessey re-invents the design of the Very Special Flask to keep it hip and the 2015 edition is no exception.

Available in bright neon blue, pink, green and orange sleeve hues, each color was matched to the different personalities that would enjoy Hennessy today.

The orange ‘Nightlife Lover’ is meant for those who are most active when the sun goes down. They are the life of every party, and have no trouble getting people to smile and feel good about going out.

The neon blue ‘Connoisseur’ is meant for the well-dressed, well-mannered, and well-versed in the arts.

The green ‘Adventurer’ is meant for the free spirited and the fun. They love discovering new places, meeting new people, and learning a few tricks to hide up their sleeve.

The pink ‘Risk-taker’ is meant for those who get a kick out of having the odds against them. With their ambition, they blaze their own trails.

Celebrating their 250th anniversary worldwide, Hennessy continues to embrace the variety of people who have made and continue to make Hennessy the leading cognac brand.

The limited-edition Hennessy Very Special Flask is now available at all S&R Branches nationwide. For more details about the limited edition flasks, visit hennessyph.com. You can also find out your unique #MyHennessy personality by taking the online quiz hosted by SnackVox at: http://www.snackvox.com/quiz/53 

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