15 Last-minute gifts that make sense

Rogue presents 15 no-fuss, no-fail gifts for the holiday season

by Philbert Dy

Rogue presents 15 no-fuss, no-fail gifts for the holiday season


For the guy who needs an upgrade to his wardrobe: Comfort Jacket from UNIQLO

Here is the dumb secret to dressing well as a guy: put a jacket on. UNIQLO’s comfort jackets are light and casual enough even for our weather, but are dressy enough to trick people into thinking that you care about how you look.


For the guy who already cares about clothes: Socks from Iconic

People will put a lot of thought into what they wear, but they’ll pretty much put any old sock on. Iconic sells what they “statement socks,” their fun designs offering that little extra bit of panache in this age of Lookbook ubiquity.


For the person whose phone blew up: HTC 10

After the traumatic experience of your phone melting, you may be looking for a device that feels like it’ll never suffer a catastrophic failure. HTC’s new flagship, aside from featuring all of the standard high-end specs that you expect from a top smartphone, comes with the added benefit of feeling like it can withstand the apocalypse.


For the Apple Devotee: DONGLES

For the foreseeable future, if you are committed to using Apple products, it appears that you are also committing to the use of Dongles. Dongle away.


For someone looking for a new notebook computer, and doesn’t want dongles: Dell XPS 13

The current best notebook computer on the market might be the Dell XPS 13, which has a remarkable borderless screen that ends up making the whole device smaller than your average laptop, in spite of still packing a full plethora of features. And it’s got ports that you can actually use.


For the person who just saw Rogue One and needs more Star Wars in his or her life: Star Wars comics from Marvel

Rogue One is the kind of Star Wars movie that makes people hungry for more stories of this galaxy far, far away. Over the last year or so, Marvel put some top creators on a bunch of titles that are officially in the new canon. The main Star Wars book, written by Jason Aaron, is a good place to start.


For the person who was really into Pokemon Go, but is tired of having to walk around: Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Go was a fun little experiment, but the true Pokemon experience still belongs on the Nintendo handheld. The latest installment in the video game series is predictably great, featuring a fantastic lineup of new monsters, and with new features that address the tedium of previous games.


For the person who wants some tech to help with losing weight: Fitbit Charge 2

Smartwatches offer more features, but for the person looking to seriously get into fitness, the Fitbit Charge 2 offers a simple, user-friendly experience that continues to be helpful no matter how far into this new lifestyle you get.


For the person who wants to start taking better pictures but doesn’t want to carry around a big heavy camera: Sony RX100M5

The best compact camera for several years running continues a tradition of excellence in its fifth iteration. This is simply the best compact camera around.


For the person depressed about US Politics: The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests

A lot of people said they missed John Stewart during this recent election. Well, one has the option of going back into the past to see how this particular satirical sausage was made. Let’s live in the past, and forget for just a moment that Donald Trump is the president of the US.


For the person who likes spicy food: hot sauces from Sweatshoppe

Sweatshoppe is a little store on Malingap that sells a ridiculous variety of hot sauces. Try the local ones. You can sample them inside the store, and they are surprisingly potent concoctions.


For the person that wants to get into watches, but also wants to support local industry: watches from Ibarra

Ibarra is a local watch brand that just started up this year. The Plaridel is their first automatic model, and it is a pretty classy piece of horology.


For the person who is already into watches, but doesn’t have a watch made of meteorites: Omega Speedmaster Grey Side of the Moon Meteorite

It’s a classic Omega Speedmaster, but it has a dial made of stuff from space. It’s the perfect watch for when you want to consider the inseparability of time and space, and the smallness of our existence when held up against the vastness of our cosmic surroundings. Also, it’s really cool.


For your dad, who you haven’t been spending enough time with: A day at Burnside Barber

This barbershop on White Plains is the latest in a line of men’s grooming emporiums to pop up in recent offering up a luxury experience that goes well beyond what most men are used to. Treat your dad to a full day of pampering, and then have some drinks with him inside the barbershop. That’s full service.


For your mom, who you also haven’t been spending enough time with: Dinner at Toyo Eatery

Treat your mother to one of the best meals in Metro Manila. The food is fancy without being entirely pretentious, and every dish will serve as good fodder for conversation before it inevitably veers to when you’re going to give her grandchildren.