11 Rare Photos That Make Us Imagine What It Would Have Been Like If The Beatles Had Instagram

From Ringo Starr’s book ‘Photograph’

by Rogue, photo by Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr’s Photograph collects the drummer’s personal images from as early as his youth


A collection of never-before-seen photos of The Beatles went on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London this month, all of them taken or owned by drummer Ringo Starr, per the Daily Mail. This is the first time that prints of Starr’s photos have been displayed in public.

It was announced in 2013 that a bulk of photograph negatives taken by Starr were discovered in a storage basement. Starr expressed his surprise to Rolling Stone as he had assumed that the images had been lost forever. During his time as the drummer of The Beatles, Starr had often been seen carrying a camera whenever together with the other band members. After their discovery, the photos were promptly collected and then re-developed for publication in an ebook released on iTunes. The book’s physical edition was extremely limited at the time. This week, however, the book will finally see its hardcover open edition release.

Starr told The Hollywood Reporter: “I just took photos. Some of them, the focus is not too good, but that’s not important. If you just get that moment, that’s what counts.”



Image via theguardian.com.


Starr: “Well, that is a great pose… I mean, he is a poser, anyway.” Image via rollingstone.com.


Starr, on this photograph with McCartney, Harrison, and friends: “This is probably one of the first photos of me with the Beatles.” Image via rollingstone.com.


A selfie of the drummer in 1970. Image via dailymail.co.uk.


McCartney horsing around with road manager Mal Evans in 1964. Image via dailymail.co.uk.


Image via hollywoodreporter.com.


McCartney with manager Brian Epstein. Image via rollingstone.com.


Image via hollywoodreporter.com.

Photograph is listed on Amazon at $31.68.