The Rogue Recap: December 8-14

Iraq takes its name back, Saudi Arabia takes its cinemas back, and the Philippines takes its promise back.

Dispatches from IFFAM 2017 – Asian Cinema is Thinking About Things

A selection of socially conscious Asian films plays a big role in this year’s festival.

The Force Is Strong With Rian Johnson

The director of The Last Jedi talks about how he got involved in the Star Wars saga, the challenges and rewards of directing, and what...

MO_Space’s New Exhibit Will Reeducate You In The Art of Minimalism

Curated by Carina Evangelista, Counterfeit Monochromes plays off of the minimalist movement’s strictness with form, and the Philippines’ fear of empty space.s

Perfect 10: The Limited Edition Gifts That You Can Score at National Book Store

National Bookstore unveils its limited edition designer collabs just in time for the holidays.



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BJ Pascual has evolved. Beyond being known for creating iconic fashion imagery, he has become a star himself. The photographer-cum-style-icon talks about his jetsetter ways and best sartorial finds—read the full story here.

Casio Watch Mike gave me, Black cuff from Giles and Brother (it’s engraved “MAHAL”), ring from And Other Stories, Brass cuff from Antonia Martel, that I forced her to give me one drunken night.

I got this right after going to the Model As Muse Exhibition at the MET, and when I was walking back home I walked past Gemma Ward.

My first few cameras. The Lubitel is my first toy cam. I like keeping it cause it reminds me of how I started.

Collage by Jel Suarez

Sony a7rii with G Master Lenses. The best!

The orange ones are vintage Cartiers from my lolo. Black ones I use almost everyday, from Sunnies, glasses I got from the baratillo for 30 pesos.

Well, with clothes, the most important thing is really the fit, no point in buying, even if it’s 90% off, if it doesn’t fit right.

Recently I’ve been into boots with heels.

My regular routine is simple. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, SPF.


We here at Rogue have decided to create a section devoted to publishing submissions from you guys. So to this end, we are ripping off McSweeney’s. We are admitting to it, because in this age of unmentioned yet obvious pegs, we prefer the honesty of simply saying that we did not come up with this …